Mini Manifesto for 2017 General Election

Five priorities:

  1. NHS.  We stand up for a publicly and properly funded NHS plus free social health care for the elderly and people who need it.  We want to increase taxes on tobacco and alcohol to help fund health care.
  2. Education and young people.  We stand up for our young people.  We will scrap tuition fees, reinstate the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) and introduce votes at 16.
  3. Housing.  We stand up for affordable housing.  We believe your house should be your home and we will push for the building of affordable socially-rented homes and the introduction of private rent controls.
  4. EU.  We stand up for protecting EU-born workers’ rights and remaining in the Single Market.  We believe we should all have a say on the Brexit deal through a ratification referendum.
  5. Environment.  We stand up for a clean, healthy environment.  We support investment in renewable energy and we oppose fracking, nuclear energy and Trident.

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