County Council Elections – 4th May

All the seats on the Warwickshire County Council are up for election on 4th May 2017.  The Green Party has put up a candidate in each one of the Divisions so that everyone has the option to vote Green.

We currently have two Green County Councillors and hope to improve on this.

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District Council Elections

The next Stratford-on-Avon District Council elections are not until 2019 when we hope to put up a candidate in every Ward.  The more candidates we put up in the elections the more coverage we will get in the local press and the more air time we get on television and radio.

Although we didn't get a Green Councillor elected last time we have great hopes for the future.  Neighbouring Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council Green Party was in a similar position to Stratford District a few years ago and now after 5 years of steady campaigning they have 10 seats and are the official opposition.  So even though we didn't do that well last time we have high hopes for the future – see map showing 2015 District Council election results.

Parliamentary Elections

With the advent of fixed term Parliaments of 5 years the next General election was not due until 2020.  However, with the current turbulent political situation one has been called for 8th June and we will be putting up a candidate.

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