Vote Dominic Giles for Stratford [x]

12 May 2017

Dominic Giles is the Stratford on Avon Green Party candidate for the General Election on 8 June 2017.

Dominic says:

“I am passionate about improving opportunities for young people.  As a teacher, I know they are not disaffected with politics, they are disaffected with politicians and the same old stale answers.  I will stand up for young people and for education.

“I am unashamedly pro-European and believe in a multi-cultural, compassionate Britain.  I will stand up for EU workers’ rights and remaining in the Single Market.

“Now, more than ever, we need a fair, inclusive, forward-thinking voice in parliament.  I will stand up for properly funded public services, an end to austerity, and more social housing.

“Climate change requires urgent action, yet it barely gets a mention in politics.  I will stand up for the environment and clean energy and clean air to breathe.

“In the 2015 General Election, over 1 million people voted for the Green Party nationally, with 2,128 residents voting for me and the Green Party’s policies here in Stratford on Avon District.  In the recent County Council elections, 1,723 people turned out for the Green Party in Stratford district.

“Every Green vote sends a message to the political establishment that we need change and a different kind of politics.

“I hope you will give me and the Green Party your vote on Thursday 8 June 2017.”