Rubbish, Rubbish, Rubbish! Our Latest Litterpick

17 November 2017

Today we were out along part of Stratford’s Birmingham Road.

Wearing high-vis jackets, carrying bags and buckets and brandishing picking tools, we delved into gutters and undergrowth and produced seven bags of rubbish for collection by the council.  Our finds included everything from fag ends to hubcaps.

We were supported by the local volunteer group Rubbish Friends, who lent us their equipment and also gave us a supply of stickers to put on the bags.  These identified the bags so that they could be picked up by the council’s refuse collectors and a quick ‘phone call notified the council of the bags’ location.

In return, some of our members will be out on December 16th for Rubbish Friends’ Christmas litterpick closer to the town centre.  We'll be along the Birmingham Road again in February, and are also planning a litterpick in Southam.