Monthly Discussion Group at the RSC’s Other Place

23 November 2017

Each month at the RSC’s Other Place, a Stratford Green Party member will lead a discussion on a topic of political interest, followed by drinks in the bar.  The sessions will cover general social and environmental issues as well as Green Party policy and practice, and will be open to the public.

Do join us and, if you have a subject you would like included, please contact: Dave Passingham <davepassingham AT hotmail DOT com> or Pat Hotson, <hotsons AT waitrose DOT com>.

The first session will be led by our new Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Dave Passingham.

The Food on Your Plate

Is it healthy? … Is it produced sustainably?

, The Other Place, Southern Lane, Stratford, CV37 6BH.

Other Dates and Topics

For a full list of upcoming dates and topics, please see the Calendar page.