Cyclists Are Being Short-Changed

3 December 2017

Prompted by our investigations into cycling safety in Stratford, the local Friends of the Earth organized a public meeting at which the Stratford Cycling Forum was re-instituted.

Image licensed via Creative Commons

Following on from that, we raised the issue of cycling route provision throughout Warwickshire with our Green County Councillor, Jonathan Chilvers who holds the seat for Leamington Brunswick.  He investigated further and was quoted this week in the Stratford Observer in their front-page article.  Jonathan says in the article:

“Warwickshire County Council should spend £10 a year per head of the population on cycling, a benchmark set in a parliamentary report.  But instead the council spends less than ten per cent – just 88p per person.  At that rate it would take 86 years to build the council’s proposed cycling network.”

We shall be writing to County Councillors ahead of the budget allocation on February 6th, asking for an increase in the county’s cycling budget.  There is a lot of money in the capital infrastructure fund un-allocated, so the money is there, but is currently mostly spent on roads.